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spoofer-0.8d (2015-10-06)
* Fixed a race condition on some platforms (e.g. linux kernel 3.13) when using
  libpcap that caused spoofing to appear to fail even when successful.
* Fixed several old bugs when built with newer compilers (e.g. mingw gcc 5.1)
  that caused spoofing to fail.
* Fixed spurious "Session Key Not Found" from webserver when attempting to
  view a report from a test done on Windows.
* If libpcap is available, spoofer uses it to verify outbound packets.

spoofer-0.8c (2015-09-10)
* Fixed compile error when building without libpcap (affects only source code
  release, not binary releases).

spoofer-0.8b (2015-08-03)
* Fixed bug in raw link layer spoofing to previously unprobed address
* Fixed build errors with old versions of libpcap

spoofer-0.8a (2015-05-27)
* Moved servers to CAIDA
* Implemented raw ethernet spoofing on all platforms (with libpcap or winpcap)
  as a fallback when the OS blocks raw ip spoofing
* Implemented IPv6 spoofing on all platforms (with libpcap or winpcap)
* Removed dependence on crufty old libnet and libdnet

* IPv6 spoofing support (*NIX only)

* Fixes to Windows Ethernet spoofing
* Interface improvements
* Control channel fixes

* Improved traceroute detection
* Rewritten Windows traceroute wrapper
* Better traceroute parallel batching
* Improved report output
* Large session ID support in tracefilter

* Add improved NAT filtering detection
* Fix multi-interface error on win32
* Win32 interface fixes

* Multiple tracefilter destination support
* Timestamped probes
* OSX GUI fixes
* Better error processing

* Windows Vista libdnet fixes
* Better OSX GUI support
* Gracefully detect proxied control connection
* Multiple asynchronous traceroute to all destinations

* Automatically open results browser in OSX
* OSX basic security framework support
* Command line switches
* Selectable verbosity
* Traceroute fixes
* Misc bug fixes

* Rewritten control channel architecture
* Test negotiation supports dynamic destination and source sets
* GNU autotools support
* HMAC authentication over spoofed probes
* Improved traceroute implementation
* Better user interface
* From: Greg Troxel
   Fixed netbsd bug

* Sends raw ethernet frames on windows boxes that block raw sockets
* Modularize code; general cleanup
* Spawn default system browser rather than MS explorer on windows boxen
* Fix tracerouting on some platforms
* Security cleanup of string and memory functions
* From: Jolan Luff
   Fixed sscanf string conversion bug

* Client and server now dynamically determine IP hop distance
  and use this to negotiate filtering depth check.
* Changed reverse traceroute destination to be confluent with 
  current server path
* Added early termination when client can't source spoofed packets
* Fixed problems with big endian ISAs
* Code cleanup

* Now uses a TCP control connection to determine its local address
  for adjacent netblock testing
* Added "reverse traceroute" that determines where along the forward
  path filtering is in place

* Adjacent netblock scanning to determine filtering granularity

* First public release
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